Augmented reality (AR) is an interactive experience that upgrades the image of the real-world with additional information. This is achieved through computer-generated, virtual effects (pictures, sounds or text). Download the app and check out all the places where Blaj screws and bolts are installed in 3D augmented reality. 


1. Scan the QR code with your phone and download the application or you can visit an app store and search for the “BLAJ” app.

2. Hover the phone over each of the six pictures and you will get a 3D image.

3. Follow the instructions in the app and explore the insides of a ship, train, hydroelectric generating station or a power plant. 


Blaj bolts keep them running. Smoothly.

The dynamic performance of a bolt is part of the process that allows one form of energy to be transformed into mechanical energy. Only the best bolts – strong and at the same time designed to handle the dynamics of energy transformation – are good enough for application under demanding technological conditions.

Over the next twenty years, global demand for electric generators will increase by 50 %. Engines (diesel and gas), turbines and compressors will run safely and reliably thanks to being fitted with tried-and-tested Blaj bolts. With utmost responsibility, Blaj delivers the required characteristics to extend bolt service life and guarantee safety to the end user.


Blaj bolts deliver

Blaj bolts are built into steam boilers, steam turbines, water turbines, gas turbines, piston engines, electric generators and pressure equipment by different global manufacturers.

Rapid development allows us to keep up with the ever growing demand in the energy sector. We master the dynamic characteristics of bolts and other fasteners. We guarantee high product quality with controlled production processes in the Blaj factory. Bolts capable of delivering everything you may require from them.


For safe and reliable navigation.

Continuous learning, research and development, combined with the highest production standards at Blaj, guarantee high-quality products delivered within the desired time-frame.

Blaj bolts are integrated in piston engines, steering systems, clutches, propulsion propellers, ship cranes, reducer gears and vibration damping systems. When it comes to safety, when it comes to reliability, when it comes to challenging conditions – we are here for you. Blaj bolts.   


Safety comes first

Blaj bolts are built into piston engines, clutches, braking system dampers and braking systems. With Blaj bolts compositions run reliably and safely, since we place responsibility at the centre of our development and production activities. This is our guarantee for product safety throughout the entire production process.  

In each facet of our operation, we focus on the final product to be delivered to the end users by our customers.  The work of our developers and employees in the production department goes beyond the mere production of a bolt – our responsibility extends all the way to the end user of your products. 


Because we know you goal is to reach higher and farther

Because our company not only manufactures bolts. We are a part of the shared vision created together with you. The machines you are developing, the technology that expands your horizons – we support you in your efforts. With a passion for engineering challenges and with responsibility towards machinery construction.  

Blaj bolts are built into hoisting systems, special metal and plastic processing machinery, construction machinery and fans. Always safe, reliable, further – Blaj.   


Lifting the best to the highest levels

Blaj bolts are installed in offshoreoil platform cranes where exposure to high environmental risks calls for high-quality products guaranteeing the highest safety and prevention standards for the product, the user and the environment.

Blaj bolts provide such a guarantee. Adequate strength and corrosion resistance are the key factors when selecting the right bolts. It is not just a matter of selecting materials, but also a matter of how they are processed. It is all about the know-how.