We Provide Better Quality With Lower Costs

23. 7. 2021

We shall introduce a new investment in November: the CAQ quality monitoring system developed by world-renowned manufacturer Böhme & Weihs. By applying a process-oriented quality management system, we will achieve better product quality at a lower price.

CASQ optimises processes in a verifiable way. The system enables better insight into the information obtained from quality and production management systems which will be used as a basis for reliable and sustainable decisions. This will further boost product quality and enable us to systematically prevent errors. The data are 100% encrypted and tamper-proof. This investment will raise our competitive advantage: our customers can count on documented quality assurance, short delivery times and reliable products.

Error-free business processes lead to error-free products

CASQ is designed to include all steps in quality assurance and quality management processes, from development all the way to production, including support processes. The advantage of the system lies in its process-oriented operating methods tailored to our production capacity.