Two New Machines At The End Of The Month

12. 7. 2021

We have bought two additional machines: The Robo 2 GO mobile system for lathe automation and an additional NLX 2000/500 lathe. The delivery of these machines is expected at the end of July.

Robo 2 GO will automate the preparation of screws for turning. It is perfectly simple and does not require additional robotisation skills or adjustment of our existing programmes. Because the unit is mobile we can use the robot with up to 10 different lathes. The robot is easily moved using a loading trolley.

The NLX 2000/500 lathe is intended for turning small pieces. It features high accuracy and exactness, standard chuck size (8 inches), and is intended for handling various designs. The lathe model demonstrates outstanding abilities in a wide range of fields including the automotive parts industry and the aircraft industry that require ultra-precision and quality.