On the right side of the history

The characteristic of our customers' industry is that with their products and solutions they have a significant impact on the lives of their customers and the economic development of entire countries or regions. They are very aware of their sustainable operation and influence. 

The belief that we can do something to make the world a better place is our crucial motivation. This belief contributed to Blaj’s commitment to sustainability: 55% reduction of CO2 emissions by 2030. 

Today's sustainable operation in Blaj Fasteners means coordination of 

economic growth, 
social inclusion, and 
environmental protection. 

We are proud to say that during the last five years, we have integrated sustainability into our way of working by combining traditional knowledge with state-of-the-art technology and development.

Our commitment:
55 % of CO2 greenhouse gasses emissions till 2030

How are we going to do it?

We have integrated sustainability into our way of work by combining traditional knowledge with state-of-the-art technology and development. Today's sustainable operation at Blaj Fasteners coordinates economic growth, social inclusion, and environmental protection.

To reach these sustainable benchmarks, our priorities are:

to continue investing in technological upgrades of production, 
develop the professional knowledge of our employees, 
optimise environmentally friendly processes, and 
invest in local communities.

Co-creating a sustainable production chain

Z With our comprehensive environmental impact monitoring system, we help our clients co-create a sustainable production chain. Our company establishes, promotes, monitors, and maintains ethical standards and practices in all relations with stakeholders. We prepare timely disclosures about its products, services, and activities, thus allowing stakeholders to make the right business decisions.

Golden ECOVadis:
ranked TOP 5 % in the industry

We have been awarded a gold-medal for sustainability in the EcoVadis sustainability ranking. We are ranked in the top 5% of companies in its industry. EcoVadis is an independent international organization that evaluates, scores, and ranks companies’ integration of sustainability issues in their business activities.

We use 100%
recycled material

Leading trends in green transition
Did you know?

Slovenia is 9th least polluted country in the world (Numbeo: Quality of Life Index 2021). We tend to keep it that way.

Sustainability: a new word for what we have been doing all along

Anton Blaj, the founder of Blaj Fasteners, is a pioneer. He was one of the first entrepreneurs in Slovenia. Today, a second generation proudly runs the company. 

Blaj Fasteners takes care of the natural environment and promotes the sustainable development of products, services, and the implementation of activities throughout the chain: efficient use of natural resources, efficient logistics, optimization of packaging, waste, etc. 

Our attitude towards the protection of the environment has developed in line with the wider society, by implementing ISO14001 for managing the protection of the environment.

Blaj Fasteners bolts seal the most demanding facilities in mechanical engineering like hydro plants, ships, engines, containers for nuclear waste, lift points, generators, and train braking systems. Therefore, we have always been aware of the direct impact of the quality of our products on the environment and local communities from the very beginning. 

electro engineer Anton Blaj establishes the company

legalisation of a financial category Profit and Business Investments 

entering German market

waste heat energy is being used throughout the entire year for heating in the company

Petra Blaj, Master of Economics claims companies’ leadership 

among 9 selected Slovenian companies as members of the Academy for establishing sustainable business models in practice implementation of ISO14001 standard

award for establishing sustainable business models in practice

implementation of a program for paperless office

implementation of ISO45001 standard
Certificate of Family friendly company
establishing a system of useful suggestions, 10-minute meetings for fast reaction time 
implementation of the CASQ-it program
designing competence models for every workplace and individual development plans for our employees 

established a system 5S system for organizing spaces
workplace reorganization
establishing mentorship model

Golden EcoVadis certificate 

reduction of raw materials consumption (Fe-steel rods) per product unit by 11%

Blaj’s commitment to sustainability: 55% reduction of CO2 emissions

To be (and act) sustainable is our strategy

We have been selected among 9 selected Slovenian companies as members of the Academy for establishing sustainable business models in practice.

As we participated in the Sustainable business strategy and Sustainable business Model Academy, we recognised our past sustainability performance, integrated it thoroughly, and upgraded it into the company's first comprehensive, sustainable strategy. In 2018 we were also awarded by SPIRIT Slovenia Business Development Agency for establishing sustainable business models in practice.

During the process of developing our first sustainability strategy, our thinking changed, and so did our working process. We have changed our values and become a company in which sustainability is the ambition and commitment of the whole team. Working on the sustainability strategy brought us a lot of positive changes: 

We started thinking and acting differently and transforming our value system. Today our values are agility, sustainability, responsibility, and passion.
Blaj Fasteners team is agile when dealing with customers; their philosophy encourages them to improve constantly, and they need to grow and develop.
Blaj Fasteners team has integrated sustainability into our way of working.
Blaj Fasteners Team shows their responsibility by developing a family constitution that will minimize the risk when the next generation takes over.