3 steps towards a future-proof company

27. 9. 2018

My work led to me visit the world-famous EMO fair 2017 in Hannover. International exhibitors presented the latest applications for metalworking where degree of automatization is above all expectations.  Once seemingly incompatible devices are now connected to create the best possible experience for users. Industry 4.0 is obviously much more than just a buzz word.

The EMO-insights were a delicious food for thought. Below is my thinking about the first three steps towards a future-proof company, capable of dealing with Industry 4.0:

1. Do NOT take a wait and see approach

Visit fairs like EMO and monitor emerging technologies. Observe what competitors are doing and harvest ideas from your surroundings. Discuss it with your colleges.

2. Widen your company’s skillset

Industry 4.0 will require new skillsets. You can train your workers in new technologies but at some point, you will need to attract new people. Invest in employer branding recruit workers for capabilities to succeed and not by qualifications like degrees and certificates. World economic report predicts that 35 % of our skills will have to change by year 2020! Source: Future of Job report, World Economic Forum.

3. Establish Industry 4.0 research team

Do you already have an idea on how you’ll implement these new technologies to your process? Invite your company’s best innovators to the Industry 4.0. research team. Discuss your ideas and ask them to contribute their own. Implement, test, revise, and repeat.

And above all: keep in mind that you are engineering solutions that will help you differentiate your company - by expanding your capability to do things that no one else can do.

P.S. Do you agree with me? How are you getting ready for the next revolution in the industry? I am looking forward to your comment.

Petra Blaj, Msc., Ceo of Blaj Fasteners