Special bolts for the railway sector

Safety first

Blaj bolts are built into piston engines, clutches, braking system dampers and braking systems. With Blaj bolts compositions run reliably and safely since responsibility is at the core of our development and production. This guarantees product safety throughout its production process. 

In each facet of our operation, we focus on the final product to be delivered to the end users by our customers. The Blaj development and production teams do not consider their task to end with the bolt itself – our responsibility extends all the way to the end user of your products. This is why we enjoy the trust of Knorr Bremse, among others.

Tested. Tried-and-tested.

Blaj bolts guarantee:

  • critical components;
  • homogeneous structure resulting from forging;
  • benefits of rolled threads;
  • controlled production process;
  • quality metallurgical laboratory;
  • dynamic fatigue strength testing;
  • provable traceability of the production process.