Special bolts for engines

Blaj bolts keep them running.

The bolt dynamic characteristics play a key role in the transformation of energy into motion. Only the best bolts, strong yet also fit for the dynamics of energy transformation, are good enough for application in demanding technological conditions.

Over the next twenty years, global demand for electric generators will increase by 50 %. Engines (diesel and gas), turbines and compressors will run safely and reliably thanks to being fitted with tried-and-tested Blaj bolts. With utmost responsibility, Blaj delivers the required characteristics to extend bolt service life and guarantee safety to the end user.

Strong, yet fit to withstand the dynamics

Blaj bolts stand for:

  • homogeneous structure resulting from forging and rolling;
  • capability to withstand high dynamic stresses;
  • high-level advanced mechanical treatment;
  • metallographic analysis and implementation;
  • dynamic fatigue strength testing;
  • provable traceability of the production process.