Special bolts for the energy sector

Blaj bolts deliver

Siemens Energy, Andritz. Recognised companies trust Blaj engineers. Blaj bolts are built into steam boilers, steam turbines, water turbines, gas turbines, piston engines, electric generators and pressure equipment by global manufacturers.

We keep pace of the ever growing demand in the energy sector with rapid development. We master the dynamic characteristics of bolts and other connecting components. We guarantee high product quality with controlled production processes in the Blaj factory. Bolts capable of delivering everything you may require from them.  

Dynamic characteristics of high tensile strength bolts

Blaj bolts guarantee: 

  • homogeneous structure resulting from forging and rolling;
  • high level advanced mechanical treatment;
  • broad range of testing of mechanical characteristic and metallurgic analyses;
  • provable traceability of the production process.