The fundamental orientation of our environmental policy:

  • We recognize and comply with legal requirements, requirements of local communities and requirements by other stakeholders that are binding for us.
  • We continuously reduce the percentage of material waste in the production.
  • We recover waste thermal energy from our production processes to heat the premises and sanitary water, thus contributing to a lower consumption of non-renewable natural resources.
  • In planning our production facilities and technological procedures, and in selecting equipment, we put equal emphasis on both environmental and business (economic) aspects.
  • In all our activities, we prevent any hazard to people, animals and plants, and any pollution to soil, water and air.
  • We use the lowest possible volume of water in performing our processes.
  •  We continuously educate and train ourselves in the field of responsible environmental management.
  • Our contractors who perform the processes we have entrusted them with, carry them out in accordance with our environmental requirements.
  • We encourage product suppliers and service providers to use the best environmental management technologies and / or establish an environmental management system.