At Blaj we constantly introduce new technologies and technological processes. With our own toolmaking department, hot forging technology, heat treatment, and modern laboratories, we provide products of the highest quality level.

Hot forged, special, and standard screws and bolts (size range M 6 to M 72, length up to 900 mm)

All head shapes according to customer requirements as well as standard screws (square, hexagonal, 8-point, 12-point, cylinder, countersunk, internal and external TORX or internal and external hex, also in combination)

Extended connecting parts (size range M 6 to M 120, length up to 1,200 mm)

According to customer drawings and in accordance with DIN, featuring deep-hole drilling, ground shanks, smooth rolled surfaces

Stud bolts (size range M 6 to M 64, length up to 4,000 mm)

Bolts, threaded parts, threaded rods and double end studs (bolt compliant with DIN and customer drawings)

Nuts (size range M 6 to M 120)

Turned from forged blanks or from solid material

Thread types

Metric threads, metric fine threads, Whitworth threads, UN threads, UNC threads, UNF threads