Induction heating and use of pyrometers for heating parameters to improve the material’s mechanical properties and structure

We develop new tools

By leveraging state-of-the-art technologies, single- and multi-phase forging, and automation, we continually improve our forging processes. Our technological process of forging the head of a bolt for dynamic stresses enables us to deliver products meeting your specific requirements with regard to the correct fibre orientation in forged bolt heads (distance between the mating surface of the head and the midpoint of the fibre bulge). 

To facilitate and speed up the forging process, we have been developing new systems in our in-house tool shop:

  • by developing new tools, we achieve shorter tooling times between series;
  • we can quickly validate the forging process, applying in-house heat treatment and laboratory capacities;
  • we remain flexible and adapt to your requirements.  

We cooperate with research organisations

The Blaj engineering and production staff vigorously develop new forging technologies for new materials, to be used in bolts for applications in high-temperature environments. We cooperate with research organisations in implementing new technologies, since the heating and hot forming are more demanding due to different material properties and treatment characteristics.

Quality automated

Consistent quality and time and energy optimisation are achieved through automation of the forging process. This reduces and contains risks affecting the quality of bolts exposed to critical stresses in the course of product operation.