Conventional turning
Conventional turning of workpieces, diameters 5 to 100 mm, on CNC lathes, and special turning of longer workpieces, diameters 8 to 70 mm, up to a maximum length of 1000 mm.

We make large or small series

Our modern machine tools allow us to achieve high productivity and high-quality products. With a high level of preventive maintenance, we achieve constant high-quality production:

  • automated for large series;
  • flexible for small series.

Work processes are carried out by our highly qualified staff distinguished by a technical culture that brings together agile young and experienced older members, some of whom have been with the company for more than 20 years:

  • we are versed in In process controls (IPC) where each operator involved in the machining process carries out self-control to ensure products are in conformity with specifications;
  • we track daily and weekly progress of order completion, record production times, and monitor product quality. 

New exotic materials

We constantly improve our machining technologies for new exotic light materials (inconel, titanium, Ni alloys) which are used in high-temperature environments. We invest a lot in analyses, education and training of our staff, which is reflected in our development dynamics, high product quality and extremely low rate of complaints, which in the past decade has been measured in per milles. 

Quality automated

Consistent quality and time and energy optimisation are achieved through automation of the turning process. We reduce and contain risks affecting the quality of bolts exposed to critical stresses in the course of product operation.