New focus: occupational health and safety

13. 1. 2021

Blaj Fasteners acquired two new certificates.  The first is ISO 45001:2015 determining occupational health and safety requirements, the second is a Family-Friendly Company certificate. 

 By obtaining a certificate for the systematic management of occupational health and safety, we will diminish the risk of accidents at work and provide opportunities for healthy and friendly workplaces. “I will identify risks and suggest changes for workplaces and equipment. My co-workers can reach out to me with suggestions, worries and challenges connected to this area,” said the newly elected occupational health and safety trustee, Robert Žnidarec, about his role. 

 Balanced private and professional life 

Family is an extremely important part of everyone’s life. Therefore, we are actively striving to bring more satisfaction and balance to work and life. With the Family-Friendly Company certificate we have become part of a group of more than 260 Slovene companies and organisations that employ over 80,000 people. We will implement ten measures by September 2023 that will enable us to manage our professional and private lives more easily. 

Our aim is for us all to have as happy and satisfying lives and work as possible, as that makes us the most efficient.