BLAJ Fasteners Invests in Two New Machines

11. 1. 2021

We happily received two new machines at the end of the year. The high-performance tensile testing machine has raised the level of quality control and the new CNC lathe will contribute greater efficiency to the production process of the largest and most demanding products. 

Here at BLAJ Fasteners, we perform over 4,000 tensile strength tests on metals each year. The new ZwickRoell tensile testing machine reaches the incredible nominal force of 1,000 kN i.e. 100 t. To illustrate: this equals the mass of a locomotive engine or an adult blue whale.

We are most pleased about the electromechanical spindle drive which will not cause vibrations. These lead to higher instability of the measuring system and therefore produce less accurate results. Additionally, this drive gives better control over the applied force, which significantly raises the accuracy of the reading,” said  the head of the metallographic laboratory, Aljaž Zagajšek, who is excited about the investment.

With the newly acquired CNC lathe, we have increased the production capacity of the most demanding large dimension bolts. We have also increased production stability in case of machine breakdown or maintenance work on other machines. The machine features an energy saving setting and can visualise the effects of energy saving, which conforms with our sustainable transformation strategy.

The second most powerful tensile testing machine in Slovenia

The software of both machines supports different types of connectivity and is thus prepared for Industry 4.0. The investment opens the doors to projects that have proved challenging in the past. I would like to add that the tensile testing machine is the second most powerful in Slovenia, the most most powerful being the one at the Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute,” noted Aljaž Zagajšek.