Presentation of the first Slovenian monograph on the art of metallography

28. 10. 2019

The Laboratory for Metals, Corrosion and Anti-Corrosion Protection at the Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute will publish a monograph entitled “Microstructures of Metals and Their Alloys” by Vilijem Kuhar. The companies Blaj Fasteners and Akrapovič also contributed to the book.

The book represents an expert selection of the most beautiful images from the micro world of metals and their alloys. The expert review was performed by Prof. Dr. Boštjan Markoli. This book may serve as an expert manual for discovering microstructures, the characteristics of metals, common material defects in metal works, while its pages also present to the reader images of stunning artistic beauty. The work can be seen and enjoyed as an art piece. The presentation of the monograph was held on Friday, 25 October, at 2 p.m. at the Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute.

Aljaž Zagajšek, head of laboratory for metallography at Blaj Fasteners was impressed: “I will use the book to help me find defects in materials and microstructures, especially in alloys which we don’t currently use.”He added: “I have worked with Mr. Kuhar myself and I can say that he is an expert in his field and is always eager to share his knowledge with the younger generation. That is why I am so happy for him that his book got published, because I know how much effort and knowledge was invested in it.

The result of years of collecting samples turned into a book.

The author spent several years collecting samples that are represented in the book. Blaj Fasteners company’s cooperation with the Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute started before the company invested in its own metallographic equipment. Sample analyses from that period represent an important part of the content.