Reifenhäuser's Supplier of the year award goes to BLAJ Fasteners

8. 7. 2019

Every year, Reifenhäuser rewards some of the most successful companies with the award Supplier of the year, this year the title goes to BLAJ Fasteners. The winners are distinguished by their high quality, great price performance ratio and well-designed logistics.

Reifenhäuser continuously assesses suppliers by key quality indicators and monitors whether delivery has been carried out in respect to the deadline. This assessment is a part of day-to-day risk management and it is used in the annual rewarding process. The interdisciplinary jury consisting of a team Reifenhäuser's experts choose Supplier of the year amongst the best rated suppliers. For the overall result, they evaluate four categories carrying different weights in the overall results.: quality, logistics, cooperation and innovation. In addition, the winners have cooperated with the company in an especially convincing manner and moved the Reifenhäuser Group forward through innovation projects.

"Trust is a product of benevolence, exceptional competence and reliability. At the beginning of the cooperation in 2009, we assured Reifenhäuser that BLAJ Fasteners has all three characteristics. They gave us the opportunity to prove it. I am convinced that this achievement is a result of good cooperation between us, with the great contributions of devoted and faithful employees. Each of us knows that our work does not only cover the production of fasteners. We see a wider picture. With our good work, we are indirectly responsible for the smooth operation of machines and systems that the company produces," BLAJ Fasteners director, Peter Blaj, expressed gratitude for the award in her speech.

Accompanied by the best German companies

Beside BLAJ Fasteners, the award also went to some best German companies: Behälter- und Stahlbau Josef Hecker, Bilfinger Maintenance GmbH, Härterei Carl Gommann GmbH, Modellbau Dörr GmbH and MSM - Wälzlager und Industriebedarf GmbH.