Blaj Fasteners is the recipient of the highest credit rating excellence in Slovenia

25. 4. 2019

Blaj Fasteners is a proud recipient of the highest AAA credit rating excellence certificate in Slovenia. Only 23% of companies are rated excellently on the Slovenian market, which places us at the top of the top legal entities in our country.

We received the certificate in because according to the professional methodology we rank among the best companies that achieve the highest standards of business ethics and have proven to be a reliable partner in terms of solvency, supply reliability and quality of products and services over a prolonged period of time. "With great satisfaction we have accepted the certificate of the highest credit rating, which confirms that Blaj Fasteners sets excellence as the first value in all areas of business. Trust within the company resulted in the trust of our partners" said Petar Blaj, director of Blaj Fasteners, on the receipt of the AAA credit rating certificate.

The rating is based on statistical models

The rating of excellence in 12 European countries is awarded by the Bisnode Group. The methodology for determining the credit rating of excellence is based on statistical models that predict different probabilities in the business of the economic operator in the coming twelve months. Statistical models were built on the basis of financial indicators of business entities for the last three years and on the basis of negative events in the selected period.